Freddie's Flowers

Who doesn't love to receive a beautiful bunch of flowers on their doorstep? A short while ago as I rushed into Hurlingham Park, I was stopped and handed a posie of peonies in exchange for a quick chat. The peony people told me about the floral passions behind Freddie's Flowers and I was hooked!

Founded by a man called Freddie Garland (no joke, it was to be his destiny!) his mission is to bring zen-like joy to homes across the country by delivering glorious flowers in stunning combinations.

You sign up online and decide whether you'd like flowers weekly or fortnightly - in fact the great thing about Freddie's Flowers is that you decide how frequently (or infrequently) you'd like them to be delivered to your doorstep. I'm away for the next few weekends so I've simply unchecked the delivery boxes and will resume in September - super easy!

Let's have a look at today's arrangement. The flowers arrive carefully packaged with plenty of reading lit on all the buds in your bunch and how to look after them.

Hands up who loves agapanthus? This beautiful bluey-purple structural and graceful bloom takes its name from the Greek "agabe" meaning love and "anthos" meaning flower. Creating a wild flower meadow feel, the aggies are kept company by some fluffy solidago, pink phlox and lots of aster - also known as September Flower.

Yes, I know it's August but I always like to be ahead of time! Make sure you always snip about an inch off the bottom of every stem to keep them lasting for longer. The rather beautiful Phlox meaning "flame" in Greek with a star like flower takes a day or two to open. Freddie suggests a hurricane vase (mine's already in use) or anything with height and an open top to give plenty of room for the flowers to spread out.

Look at that beautiful colour - I actually bought these in Waitrose the other day (currently occupying aforementioned vase) but I'm a girl who can never have too many flowers! Remember when Chelsea in Bloom came to town? Read my floral safari post to see more - you won't be disappointed!

After a successful flower arranging session, always reward yourself with a good cuppa or something stronger as it's nearly the weekend!

My china set is Blue Willow from Churchill and I'm not sure if they still produce this line but you can get similar ones at John Lewis.

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LL x